29 August 2014

Bumbles™ Baby Food Butternut and Corn with Whole Quinoa Grains

Our Stage 3 baby food has more texture and this delicious blend of butternut and freshly pulped sweetcorn together with whole quinoa grains

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28 August 2014

Bumbles™ Baby Food Range Sweet Potato and Red Lentil Dahl

This is a delicious savoury sweet potato and red lentil dish. It is blended with the wonderful spices and a gentle taste of India, perfectly flavoured for baby’s palate.

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27 August 2014

Bumbles™ Baby Food Carrot and Apple with Quinoa

Fresh carrots sourced from our selected farms, we peel and pulp them and blend them together with our pink lady apples to give your little one a deliciously nutritious meal.

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