Textured Blends

Your little foodie may have some teeth by now, so it is very important to introduce a lumpy texture to their diet. Our textured baby food has more texture as it includes, either whole quinoa grains, soft lentils or rolled oats. These nutritious foods give the perfect lumps to teach your baby to start chewing. This chewing action is a vital part of speech development. 


Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Dahl Purée (with a hint of Ginger & Spice)

This is a delicious savoury sweet potato and red lentil dish. It is blended with the wonderful spices and a gentle taste of India, perfectly flavoured for baby’s palate. This is so good you are going to want to eat it yourself!  Best served warm.

120 g | Ingredients: Sweet Potato & Onion (min 64%) Red Split Lentils 20%, Sunflower oil with Vit. E 2.5%, Ground Ginger, Ground Coriander, Ground Tumeric, Ground Cinnamon & All Spice, Water for cooking (16%)

nutrition information 120 g
energy (kj): 593
protein (g): 4
carbohydrate (g): 23
of which total sugars (g): 10
total fat (g): 3
of which saturated fat (g): 0.5
dietary fibre (g): 2
total sodium (mg): 0
carotene (ug): 1897
vitamin a (iu): 316
potassium (mg): 271

Butternut & Corn Purée with Whole Quinoa Grains

Fresh sweet corn and butternut purée with whole quinoa grains, makes for a savoury meal packed with goodness.

120 g | Ingredients: Butternut & Sweetcorn (min 88%) Whole Quiona 

nutrition information 120 g
energy (kj): 436
protein (g): 2
carbohydrate (g): 22
of which total sugars (g): 10
total fat (g): 0
of which saturated fat (g): 0
dietary fibre (aoac) (g): 2
total sodium (mg): 0
carotene (ug): 2242
vitamin a (iu): 373
phosphorous (mg): 35

Oaty Apple & Pear Purée with Organic Rooibos & Cinnamon

Rise and shine... time to start the day! For a delicious, hearty breakfast, try out this flavour - rolled oats with apple and pear purée infused with Organic Rooibos tea and a pinch of ground cinnamon. It’s yummy served warm or cold.

120 g | Ingredients: Apple & Pear (min 80%) Freshly brewed Organic Rooibos tea, Rolled Oats and Ground Cinnamon 

nutrition information 120 g
energy (kj): 356
protein (g): 1
carbohydrate (g): 18
of which sugars (g): 16
total fat (g): 0
of which saturated fat (g): 0
dietary fibre (aoac) (g): 4
potassium (mg): 235
phosphorous (mg): 30
vitamin c (mg): 13
magnesium (mg): 13