Bumbles™, a premium baby food company founded by Billie-Clare Dryden-Schofield and co-owned with Nthabe Zondo, together have taken decades of business experience and combined it with mothers’ love and their passion for healthy living to create the South Africa’s first locally made, all natural, superfood inspired baby food range.

Bumbles™ uses only the freshest produce with superfood ingredients such as quinoa, beetroot, peas, baby spinach, blueberries and freshly puréed vegetables, as well as sourcing organic ingredients wherever possible. Our food for baby is made with the same love and dedication as every mom makes it for their own baby; we peel, we chop, we blend and we cook!  Each different variant has been created in the Bumbles™ Kitchen and, more importantly, tried and tested by moms, as well as babies and professional taste testers.

All the Bumbles™ products are based on values that reach beyond mere business, with the belief that small efforts and genuine heartfelt intent can make everything just a little better and each one being delicious, healthy and made with love, just like parents make it at home.

  Billie-Clare & Nthabe

Nthabe Bumbles Baby Food

Nthabe Zondo, Mom, CEO & Owner

Bumbles™ resonates with me in so many ways, the company and brand combine my love for children, family, good food, a healthy lifestyle, entrepreneurship and diversity.

I believe that parenting is an incredible privilege and I wanted to nurture my passion for motherhood and use my expertise to grow a  trusted brand as well as being a responsible business by doing good everyday with what we produce.

Bumbles™ offers the very best nutrition for babies, which is why it was important to us to create a brand that fully caters for little ones by producing only the healthier meal options, as well as partnering and supporting parents on their parenting journey. 

Billie-Clare Founder Bumbles Baby Food

Billie-Clare, Mom, Founder & Owner

When it was time to introduce solids to my daughter, I put my apron back on and together with my experience and culinary knowledge, I began to explore the various aspects and importance of nutrition for childhood development.

I felt compelled to improve the products on the market, to enrich each of them with something healthier, tastier and friendlier for our babies and have created a baby food that offers an alternative to home-made food.  Bumbles™ is inspired by homemade, nutritionally balanced with superfoods and offering a clean label, with no preservatives, no additives, no fillers, nothing but the real thing!


Awards & Accolades

Bumbles™ was awarded 1st Runner-up position in the Sage Small Business Awards with 702 in September 2017.

Bumbles™ awarded Bronze for Innovation at the ROCCI/FNB Business of the Year Awards 2017 

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