Having travelled and lived in the UK for over 15 years, when I returned to South Africa, I felt compelled to improve the baby food products on the market, to enrich each of them with something healthier, tastier and friendlier for our babies.    Armed with my recipes, the same wholesome ingredients and my passion and love for healthy living, I began my quest and am extremely proud to bring to you the Bumbles™ Baby Food Range.

Bumbles™ is a family business and proudly South African!  I established Bumbles™ with the help of a team who have had many years of creating and marketing leading baby products familiar to everyone, yet is out of our own personal experience as parents that we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge. 

The Bumbles™ Baby Food range uses only the freshest produce with ingredients such as beetroot, peas, spinach, blueberries and freshly puréed carrots.  We make our baby food with the same love and dedication as how every mom makes it for their own baby; we peel, we chop, we blend and we cook!  Each different variant has been created in the Bumbles™ Kitchen and, more importantly, tried and tested by moms, babies and professional taste testers.

All the Bumbles™ products are based on values that reach beyond merely business, with the belief that small efforts and genuine heartfelt intent can make everything just a little better.  In each of our products you will find something that is delicious, healthy and made with love, just as mom makes it at home.

  Billie-Clare Schofield (Founder and Creator of Bumbles™)  

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Mom and Founder

Billie-Clare started Bumbles™ out of her very own kitchen! The birth of her two little girls, Emma and Katherine, inspired her to don her apron and create tasty and nutritional food. Emma's favourite is Beetroot and Apple, while Katherine is tickled pink if she get's her hands on Banana and Vanilla.


Our Dynamite Dairy Team

Stephen Smit, our Superman! Not only is he an exceptional sportsman, competing in sports events such as The Argus, The Comrades and Ironman (SA), he’s also CEO of Moorddrift Dairy. He may be our business partner, but more importantly, he is our friend. Stephen understands the importance of healthy living and his drive and energy is contagious! Moorddrift Dairy is a fourth generation, family-owned enterprise, and boasts one of the most sophisticated processing plants in South Africa. We are very proud to have the Smits as an integral part of the team.


Our Procurement Pro

Bumbles™ Baby Food is packed in an ISO 22000 accredited facility, which means there are strenuous traceability and safety criteria that must be adhered to throughout the whole process. So, when it came to the question of who would be in charge of the procurement of raw materials, we knew someone very special would be needed. They would have to ensure that our materials are responsibly sourced, of the correct “Infant Grade” and that they conform to Bumbles™ strict organoleptic criteria.

Searching over mountains, lakes and deserts, Bumbles™ came across the perfect man for the job. We are extremely proud to have Thys Strydom as the head of this team. He has already co-founded a South African organic baby food company, consulted for an international baby food corporation, and become a martial arts expert who spent years as an international coach, judge and referee, to mention just a few of his talents! Plus, he is a dad of two!