My daughters, Emma and Katherine, are only 11 months apart and, for what seemed like forever, I suffered from "porridge brain".  One morning whilst making Emma's breakfast, I accidently added Rooibos Tea instead of water to her oats.  Rather than waste it and throw it away, I continued to cook it and then as per usual added some fruit and a pinch of cinnamon (I just love spice!)  What a great mistake to make!  The oats not only had the scent of the Rooibos Tea but all those amazing anti-oxidants too.

The Bumbles™ Oaty Apple & Pear with Rooibos Tea and a pinch of Cinnamon is made with whole rolled oats, to ensure a naturally lumpy texture is achieved.  We use delicious puréed apples and pears, freshly brewed Rooibos and ground cinnamon, making it a perfect way to start the day!

Bumbles Oaty Apple and Pear