It is very common for babies from about 10 months to become "fussy", this can be for many reasons but one of the most common reasons is that they just get bored of the same foods that they are always being given.  

During my 12 months of living in India, I gave birth to my third son Taidian.  It was in these months that I not only explored the benefits of herbs and spices but I also watched in amazement at how the local babies and toddlers loved the stronger flavours of the traditional food.  

This Sweet Potato Dahl was Taidi's favourite meal and it just had to be included into the range.  It is a delicious savoury sweet potato and red lentil dish blended with ginger, onion, tumeric, cinnamon and coriander giving you the most gentle taste of India which has been perfectly flavoured for baby’s palate!  This is so good you are going to want to eat it yourself!  

Due to the way in which we cook this dish, please ensure you give it a good stir as settlement can occur.  

Best served warm or why not try it as a dip with toast fingers and get your little one exploring!

 bumbles sweet potato and red lentil dahl