The first vegetable variant in the Stage 1 Bumbles™ Baby Food Range that I would like to introduce to you is one of my favourites; Carrot Purée with a pinch of Cinnamon.  

This little jar may seem simple but believe me, the work that goes into this is quite something!  We bring in tons of carrots and we peel for days, but it's so worth it.  The carrot purée is rich in carotene (over 10,000 µg per jar) and Vitamin A but more importantly it's quite delicious!  

Do I hear you ask "why cinnamon?"  by adding just a pinch it adds warmth and flavour to this little dish but it is also rich in anti-oxidants, has anti-spetic qualities and it is believed to be a wonderful aid for digestion.

Once your baby has accepted the taste of carrots, why not try adding a little carrot purée to some baby rice and make a Creamed Carrot Purée with a pinch of Cinnamon?  Yum!


Bumbles Baby Food Carrot Puree