As I am from Tzaneen, a place abundant in fruit (especially banana's) I thought a simply delicious banana would be the one ingredient that I wouldn't have a problem getting my hands on, how wrong was I!  

I could get bananas but I couldn't purée it at "infant grade", (we all know that banana goes brown very quickly) and I was not prepared to break the Bumbles™ Promise.  I was left with no choice but to drop this variant from the range.  Then a few weeks later, my "Karate Kicking" Procurement Pro phoned me to say he had found banana which was certified "infant grade" but it was all the way in Brazil!  Well, if we could bring our quinoa from Peru we could bring banana from Brazil and that's exactly what we did!

The Bumbles™ Banana Purée with a pinch of Vanilla is 100% pure whole banana, you will be able to smell, taste and see the difference. Please give this little jar a good old stir to loosen it up as it may settle (we had to add a little water). As for the vanilla ... I just couldn't resist and once you taste it for yourself you'll understand why!

Bumbles Baby Food Banana Puree