In the misty mountains of Magoebaskloof there is a beautiful organic blueberry farm called Blueberry Heights, with this being on my doorstep, I was fortunate enough to have fresh blueberries delivered to me on a regular basis.  I started creating blueberry recipes for Emma (and for the family, including blueberry and apple pies - yum!) and the winning combination of blueberry, apple and pear became everyone's favourite.  Even my husband would steal the ice-cubes and use them for his smoothies!

We freshly pulp the sweetest blueberries and blend it with apples, pears and crushed quinoa giving a trio of “super fruits” packed with nutrients and minerals! We love it straight out the jar, spooned onto the Bumbles™ Full Cream Plain Yoghurt or you can add a teaspoon or two to warm oats for baby.