Growing up in beautiful Tzaneen, my surroundings were rich in fresh fruit and vegetables. Hardly a day went by without enjoying a sweet mango or tearing a segment off a juicy orange.

Having this blessed life was an early introduction to healthy food. When my first child, William, was born in 2000, he had a severe reaction to his immunisations at a mere eight weeks old. This resulted in him becoming highly allergic to eggs and nuts, as well as suffering from asthma. When I began weaning William, I noticed he reacted to most animal proteins. I began to explore and experiment by making fresh purées that were high in vegetable protein and rich in nutrients. In 2003, my second son, Alex, was born. He proved to be even more of a challenge, as, not only did he refuse to eat the ready-made baby food available in the supermarkets, but his taste buds were the complete opposite to Williams. In 2004, seven months pregnant with my 3rd son, Taidian, we packed our bags and relocated to India. It was here that I learnt to really understand the language of food. I was introduced to a world of herbs and spices, and I discovered the health benefits that certain foods offer.

In 2011, I was blessed with a beautiful little girl, Emma May. When it was time to wean her, I was disappointed to find that the baby food market had not progressed at all. I put my apron back on and, together with my experience and culinary knowledge, I began to explore the various aspects and importance of nutrition for childhood development.

It wasn’t long before the stork surprised us with another precious little girl, Katherine Lucy.  I have been blessed with five beautiful children. The journey they have taken me on has been the inspiration to share everything I have learnt with you.

Every single variant that has been launched in the Bumbles™ Baby Food Range has been carefully created by myself, not only have I ensured that we use the same super food ingredients I offered to my children, but that it tastes good enough for you to lick the spoon!   

I hope you will enjoy the Bumbles baby food range and that we will have made your journey weaning your baby onto solid foods just that little bit easier and much more fun!